Brutocao Family Vineyards

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    Brutocao Family Vineyards is a tale of two families who combined their passion and expertise to establish one of Mendocino County’s most notable wineries.

    In 1910, the Brutocao family (pronounced brew’ tuh coe) brought with them a love for wine when they emigrated from Treviso, Italy, a small town near Venice. Len Brutocao met Martha Bliss while in school at the University of California, Berkeley. Martha’s father, Irv, had been farming in Mendocino since 1943. After their marriage, the families joined forces and continued to sell their grapes to well-known Sonoma and Napa wineries for many years before starting to make their own wine in 1980.

    They selected the Lion from St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice as their symbol of family tradition and quality. The heart of that quality is in their land: over 350 acres of planted vineyards in southern Mendocino County and 10.5 acres of Pinot Noir in Anderson Valley.

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