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    As one of the pioneers of California’s Wine Industry, the Parducci family has been devoted to handcrafting premium Mendocino County wines for over 70 years.

    Adolph Parducci, arrived in the United States in 1912 and sold grapes from California via train to home winemakers across the country during Prohibition. During that time, his son John Parducci was growing up in the winery and learning the art of winemaking from his father.

    John purchased the winery in 1999. In turn, John’s grandson Rich Parducci grew up in the Mendocino County wine industry like his grandfather and studied enology at California State University Fresno, a school renowned for its winemaking program. He joined John in 1999 andthey continued making wine together until John’s passing in 2014.

    With grapes from vineyards all over the county, McNab Ridge Winery combines the pioneering winemaking spirit of Mendocino County with the dedication and vitality of Rich Parducci. He continues to make wine in the style made famous by his grandfather, John: complex, approachable, and enjoyable to drink. “We make wines that make you want more,” says Rich.

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