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Orders & Shipping

Who can order from Renard Creek?

At the moment, Renard Creek ships to most states in the continental U.S., as well as to Hawaii. We cannot ship to North Dakota or Utah. We only ship to individuals who are 21 years of age or older. Please confirm that your state will allow you to enjoy the fine wines from our winery partners. If you have any questions or have a particular need, please feel free to contact us before completing your purchase. Be sure to review our Terms & Conditions as well for more information.

When will my order ship?

Promptness in fulfilling your order is important to us. Your order will be shipped within five days of payment confirmation. 

How long will my shipment take?

We value you getting our orders out promptly, and you receiving them in the most expedient method possible. We ship exclusively with UPS, and you can be assured that your package will arrive as soon as is possible. The time for the shipment to actually arrive, understandably, can vary widely due to a number of factors.

Do I need to be present for delivery?

Yes, an adult must be present to sign for and receive the order.

Can you rapid ship, such as for special occasions or an urgent need?

Absolutely - we are glad to work with you to get your wine selections to you in time for special events or celebrations. Please feel free to contact us anytime to make arrangements for your specialized order.

Can I order just a single bottle, or just a few selections?

Absolutely - we sell single bottles and you can mix-and-match from several wineries in one order. Also, for our California neighbors, we offer flat-rate shipping as follows:

1 -3 bottles per order: $20.00 4- 6 bottles per order: $25.00

We do have various promotions from time to time that will help you save when you buy several bottles in one order.

I need to make a large order. What's the best method?

For sizeable orders, or orders with a high value, we do suggest that you call us so that we can help with your final selections, assure quantities are available, and to help customize the best shipping and delivery options for your high-value order. We're very glad to assist you with additional stewardship and customer care.


What does Renard Creek know about the quality of the wineries and their wines that you feature on your website?

We are professionally and personally acquainted with the wineries and the winemaker(s). Our wines are selected for their quality and the commitment of the winemakers to their craft. 

Is Renard Creek a Wine Club? Do I have to have a membership?

Renard Creek is not a wine club. You are not required to commit to periodical shipments or pre-set wine selections. Our guests enjoy our wines purely on their terms. However, if you do register with our reward program, we will honor your continued loyalty with special product discounts.

Does Renard Creek offer special promotions or sales?

Yes, we do! We have promotions that offer discounts on shipping, or on certain quantities, and we also have periodic specials on highlighted or special issue wines. Check our site often for the latest promotions - they'll always be clearly visible on our home page.

I'd like to order several bottles as gifts, but have them sent to different people. Can I do this?

You can simply place individual orders for each gift or gifts, and we will ship them to the shipping address you specify. Do note that an adult will need to be present to receive the item(s). (Please see our Terms & Conditions, section 4, for more information.) If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us.

Wine Questions

Can you suggest food pairings to go with various wines?

Yes! In fact, we have developed an entire page to help you make expert choices for pairings. Of course, individual tastes play a huge part, so do experiment.

I'm still learning about different types of wines. Do you information available to help?

In fact, yes we do! Getting to know the world of wines can be a lifelong adventure, and is quite fascinating. Be sure to visit our Varietals Library page to learn all about different wines.

What do "wine rankings" mean, and who determines them?

This is a great question, and we have developed a page to share more information with our audience about this interesting - and important - topic.