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    Perched on the edge of the Russian River in beautiful Mendocino County, RIVINO is our boutique family winery. We handcraft each of our wines from select grapes grown on our family’s 250-acre RIVINO Ranch. Being surrounded by grapes, and desiring to sample the fruit from our vines, we began making small amounts of wine for ourselves. Like many things in life, that simple desire has now evolved. Realizing that we were producing far more wine than we could consume on our own, we decided it was time to take the next step. Hence the creation of RIVINO, our 100% estate family winery.

    RIVINO is a combination of the words: RIVER and VINO . “Where the river becomes the wine.”

    When you look at a bottle of RIVINO, you will notice that each one displays how many cases we produced. Producing wine in these small lots on our own premises and with our own grapes allows us to have complete control over all aspects of the wine making process.

    Rivino is boutique and focused. From the day harvest begins to the day bottling is complete, we ensure both the grapes and juice are handled in the gentlest, most minimal manner possible. As we ramp up to harvest, we start exploring the vineyard to select those sections that have a truly special character – and focus on those grapes daily to make sure we harvest at exactly the right moment. We pick at daybreak, and their journey is short (sometimes just a few hundred feet) to our winery. Then the great transformation begins!

    3 products
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