Some Key Characteristics of our Wineries

Winemaker, like those in Northern California, checking quality wine production in wine cellar. 

Renard Creek prides itself on our relationship with quality, artisan winemakers in the Northern California coastal region. As part of the wines we select, there are some wonderful characteristics common to our wineries and winemakers.

Small Production

Artisan winemakers produce wine on a smaller scale compared to industrial wineries. This allows them to pay close attention to detail and maintain a higher level of quality control.


Artisan wines are often made using traditional winemaking techniques that involve a high degree of manual labor. This hands-on approach may include hand-picking grapes, fermenting in small batches, and using minimal mechanization.


Artisan winemakers place a significant emphasis on terroir, the unique combination of soil, climate, and vineyard location that influences the grapes' characteristics. They believe that the sense of place is reflected in the wine, and they aim to capture this essence.

Natural and Minimalist Winemaking

Many artisan winemakers practice minimal intervention winemaking, which means using fewer additives and relying on native yeasts for fermentation. This approach allows the grapes and the environment to shape the wine's flavors.

Unique Varietals

Artisan winemakers may experiment with lesser-known grape varieties or focus on indigenous grapes that are well-suited to their specific region. This can result in wines that are distinctive and not commonly found on the mass market.


Many artisan winemakers prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. They may use organic or biodynamic methods in the vineyard, reducing the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Limited Distribution

Artisan wines are often distributed on a smaller scale and may have limited availability. They may be sold primarily through independent wine shops, local markets, or directly from the winery.

Focus on Quality

Quality is paramount for artisan winemakers, and they are often more concerned with producing exceptional wines than with meeting high production quotas. This dedication to quality can result in wines that are highly regarded by wine enthusiasts.

Personal Touch

Artisan winemakers are often deeply involved in every aspect of winemaking, from grape cultivation to bottling. Their personal touch and passion for winemaking are reflected in the final product.


Artisan winemakers often have a compelling story to tell about their winery, vineyard, and winemaking philosophy. This personal connection and narrative add to the allure of artisan wines.